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Home Delivery

Home delivery drives additional cost savings for healthcare payers and plan members, improves member health by promoting adherence and maximizes the use of preferred brands and generic alternatives. Catamaran Home Delivery™ proactively engages and educates members with multiple resources that help them make informed decisions about their prescription options. Home delivery prescriptions are processed via our integrated claims adjudication system, using the same edits applied during retail adjudication with continuity of safety, quality and utilization edits to improve member health outcomes.

Our retail-to-home delivery program uses claims analysis to identify opportunities to contact targeted members to discuss the benefits of home delivery for their maintenance medications. Refill reminders help to ensure members are never left without medication on-hand. For more aggressive pharmacy management, our mandatory home delivery program requires members to obtain medications on the mandatory home delivery drug list through our home delivery pharmacy. This approach yields increased plan and member savings.

Plan members can place refill orders via our user-friendly member website, our mobile app or a phone call to our member service team.


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Our Services

  • Refill reminders
  • Expedited shipping and delivery tracking
  • Easy ordering and flexible payment options
  • Outreach initiatives, including retail-to-home delivery